Salatim - 23 Israeli Salads and Spreads You Need To Start Making - Jamie Geller

Salatim literally means salads, but they don't refer to the first course salads you're used to in America, they refer to the multitude of small salads served at traditional Israeli grill restaurants.  

When you sit down to a Shipudei (Kabob) restaurant they immediately lay out between 10 and 15 salatim along with pita or fresh hot laffa bread.

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Salatim at a Restaurant in Israel

These days my Shabbat table starts out similarly with an array of 5-7 salatim to start the meal.  After that all we have is some grilled chicken and we're a happy family.  The trick is to change them up each week.

We always have hummus, tahini, moroccan carrots and matbucha, but I change it up with a different mix each week of eggplant, cabbage, Israeli salad, avocado salad, and more.

Watch how some favorite Israeli salads are made, then scroll down for links to the recipes and more ideas.  

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Here are 23 salatim so that you can choose your favorites for your next meal click below to scroll through the gallery of recipes. 

23 Israeli Salatim or salads and dips and spreads you need to start making on regular basis