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If you've been following along with us a for while you undoubtedly know what za'atar is and you know we like it a lot.

Za'atar was always meant to be the signature blend of the Jamie Geller Spice Collection. I spent years on this one. (About 5 to be exact). It’s one of my favorite, go-to, staple blends (something I have in common with about 90% of Israelis) yet it’s so so so so so hard to find quality even inside and especially outside of Israel. 

Here’s why... most za’atar blends are made of some combo of thyme, marjoram, oregano, sesame seeds and sometimes sumac (if you’re lucky). But for those that know (and now you know) the secret is hyssop, a biblical plant, with medicinal properties, indigenous to our holy land that dates back to biblical times.

The perfect ratio of hyssop, sumac, sea salt and toasted sesame seeds (another secret), make the perfect za’atar. And due to my obsessive nature, it’s my honor and pleasure to present you with the best of the best of the best za’atar in the world. 

Excellent on veg, fish, poultry, hummus, yogurt and savory baked goods you will fall hard for this blend, your new little seasoning secret. 

And remember no two za’atars are alike. Don’t get it twisted, don’t be fooled and don’t fall for the wrong one. (Ok. PSA done.)

You might first be introduced to za'atar as a sprinkle or a garnish on hummus or labaneh (Middle Eastern savory yogurt) that has first been drizzled with olive oil.  You might simply add za'atar to olive oil and dip bread.  Once you experience the simple easy ways to add za'atar your foods you won't want to stop.  

If you want to experience the za'atar that we love and use on everything order here

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Now you tell me how you love using za’atar?