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We all have those nights when we crave pasta, or at least a satisfying and quick meal. Tuesdays are my 5-minute dinner days, I just can't bring myself to stay in the kitchen for very long. I'm not sure why, but we all have those days and a great solution is a pasta dinner. Everything in moderation, including carbs, is my motto so why not treat yourself to an easy meal without compromising nutrition by way of pasta.

If you love pasta as much as me then you will love this selection of 46 pastas you can make in 30 minutes or less any day of the week.  

Pasta for a month anyone?

Check out 46 quick pasta dinners perfect for busy nights.

Light Pasta Alfredo
Avocado Cream Pasta with Summer Salsa
Summer Pasta with Veggies, Walnuts, and Parmesan
Arugula Walnut Pesto Pasta horizontal
Spicy Chicken and Garlic Pasta
Orzo Tomato Feta Herb Salad
zucchini spaghetti alfredo
cacio e pepe
Buttered Linguine with Brown Butter and Sage (Large).jpg
wide Vegetable Lo Mein
Fettuccine Alfredo with Peas
Creamy Pink Linguine
bongiovi minestrone soup
Whole Wheat Spaghetti and Goat Cheese Crumble
Salmon and Pea Rotini
Greek Chopped Salad
Orzo with Feta and Basil
zucchini spaghetti
Loaded Turkey Salad
Spaghettini with Tuna
Pasta Bolognese
Thai Pesto Noodles
spaghetti with tomato and basil
orzo w_chicken
one pan gluten free cacio e pepe
Beef Sukiyaki with Noodles
BBQ Cauliflower Cream Sauce
Lemon Herb Fettuccine
Quick Shiitake Lo Mein
Pappardelle Pasta with Brown Butter, Raisins, and Wilted Kale
Buttons and Bows Pasta
Quick One Pan Pasta Paella
Pulled Brisket Bowtie Pasta
one pot pasta
Spring Pasta Primavera
Pesto Pasta
beef noodles